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Who we are?

Rangrez art gallery is an innovative center of emerging art in the city of Lahore; the city that have a long and marvelous history of culture tradition and art. Rangrez has started its working from 26th of October 2021. It will promote art as well as the artists. Art is a never ending thirst of people in a society. Human are facing chaos in their lives and the chaos in the lives of individuals needs catharsis. Art is the best source for liberation from this chaos. Rangrez in the city of Lahore, where many prestigious institutes of art are polishing the new talent in every field of art, is like a fresh breeze of air to promote new talents.

Rangrez art gallery will work on the principle of art for art sake. Our exhibitions will be a great asset for your interior solutions. It may be a home, an office, an institution or an organization we will serve to decor your walls your interior and will satiate your taste of art.

Our Shows

Our shows are the reflections of the time, space and causation in the moods of society and culture. Art connects us to the past and it is a continuation of art that we study in archeology. There is a binding force in art that connects the art to the society. It makes links in present, past and future. Rangrez will provoke the instinct to cultivate the relation of art and society. Our shows are the continuation  of art history that is not biased to favor any group or any school of art. Our shows are not delimited to any preconception or any prejudice.

Any Queries?

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